Monday, February 02, 2009


Golf GTI. All the car a person needs. That's what Jeremy Clarkson mentioned, not in those exact terms, but its definitely what I feel about mine.

It ticks all the right boxes (at least for me):

  • Power - check.. not the most powerful but enough not to complain most days
  • Practically - check.. as a people mover, it isnt the biggest and it doesnt have the 7 seats which would be nice to have it you need to ferry children and other family but seriously how often would you do that... as a load carrier its great. I even brought my new Herman Miller chair back home in one.
  • Fun - check... nippy handling and great road feel and steering feel. Not as good as a good rear wheel drive though but definitely not something I complain about a lot.
  • Comfort / Luxury - hmmm.. I have a Mk V and not the new Mk VI which has a new fangled adjustable suspension setup that can change the damping rate from Comfort to Sport on a whim. The Mk V also doesnt have the thickened glass windows that the MK VI does to cut out outside noise. To be absolutely honest.. this is not a car that can cocoon you and destress you on the ride back home after a brutal day at work. Its ok but definitely does not tick the comfort box.
I still love mine though..