Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Golf tips

A series of misc golf tips:

The full Swing
- review the hazards, wind and determine where you want the ball to land and place the ball accordingly on the tee box (left for a draw right and right for a cut)
- ball height on the tee is critical (ball should just peek out of the grass in most cases for irons, tee a little bit higher for the 3-4 irons, 3-5 woods)
- always follow pre-shot routine - stand behind the ball first, place the club to aim the face and then take up your position
- bring club on the low and slow
- hands in front of the club for the shorter clubs and wedges e.g. from 8 iron and below
- solid knees
- do not "look down" as this will block your follow through! instead keep head up straight and peek down through your nose to see the ball
- always check for a proper grip before hitting
- light grip pressure, think of snapping the wrists to accelerate through the impact area

- loose grip
- measure green speed by taking note of the take back distance, not all greens put similarly
- tiny take back on the downhillers

- follow thru low
- preset wrists, hands in front of ball and maintain wrist angle on hit

- ball on left foot
- weight forward
- complete the swing